Research direction

1.Information functional ceramic materials: preparation of nanocrystalline ceramics, size effect and its control principle; high performance low temperature sintered soft magnetic ferrite materials and chip components; new generation of high performance low cost multilayer ceramic capacitor materials and components; linear combination law of quasi-homotypic phase boundary (MPB) composition in multiple component systems; novel piezoelectric materials and devices; high performance electronic ceramic substrates and components; new piezoelectric materials and devices; high performance electronic ceramic substrates and their components; tape casting technology; microwave and millimeter-wave dielectric ceramics; ceramic-based photonic crystals and metamaterials.

2.Design and exploration of novel functional composites: microstructure-property linkages of non-homogeneous materials; multiferroic composites; physical mechanisms of interfacial effects in ceramic composites; multi-field coupling effects of multiferroic ceramic films; development of new multiferroic composites; development of composite solid state electrolytes.

3.Energy environment materials and biomaterials: Dye-sensitized solar cell materials and devices; high specific energy and high specific power electrodes for lithium batteries; high performance thermoelectric composites and nano devices; ceramic-based environmental catalysis; design and preparation for 3D artificial bone structure; bioactivity of artificial bone, induced osteogenesis and individualized design.

4.Advanced manufacturing technology of ceramic materials: new processing methods of ceramic molding with near net size and high reliability; injection molding; drain casting; gel casting; rapid mixing and controlled curing molding process of ceramic suspension; surface modification technology of submicron and nano ceramic powder.

5.High-performance structure ceramics: design of new structure ceramics; ceramic sintering process and material performance reliability; failure analysis and damage mechanism of brittle materials; exploration of new ceramic materials in extreme environments; low thermal conductivity ceramic materials and coatings; low-cost, high-performance manufacturing technology of ceramic materials; fine processing of high-performance structure ceramic components; transparent ceramic materials.