Rules & Regulations

The administration for open projects of State Key Laboratory of new ceramics and fine processing (Tsinghua University)

The State Key Laboratory of new ceramics and fine processing is responsible for the issuance of open project guidelines, application acceptance, organization of review, approval of funding, and management of the funded projects.

1Application and acceptance

1. Open up projects are implemented with annual fund and adopt centralized acceptance mode. The applicant shall carefully write the application according to the application guide issued by the key laboratory in that year, and the project supporting unit shall review it. Submit the application materials to the State Key Laboratory of new ceramics and fine processing as required.

2. The applicant shall be a scientific researcher with a doctor's degree and on post. Graduate students (including on-the-job), retired or retired scientific researchers, and part-time scientific researchers of the application unit may not apply as the person in charge or collaborator of the application project, but may participate in the research as members of the project team.

3. Applicants can only apply for one project, and the number of projects under research shall not exceed one.

4. Only one project with similar research content of the same project team can be submitted.

2Review and approval

1. The key laboratory shall summarize the application materials and submit them to the academic committee of the laboratory for review in written form.

2. According to the evaluation opinions, determine the projects and the amount of funding, and the key laboratory office will send a document to notify the funding support results.

3Work evaluation and result annotation

1. The project leader shall be fully responsible for the implementation of the project, and shall submit the annual work report within one month after the end of the first year and the final report within one month after the end of the second year.

2. The key laboratory shall review the annual work report of the subject and approve the budget for the next year. If the annual report of the project is not submitted in time, the research work is not carried out seriously or the project funds are not used properly, the project can be cancelled after being reviewed by the director of the laboratory.

3. If the project cannot be completed as scheduled or the person in charge goes abroad / transferred, and the project cannot be implemented as planned, the laboratory has the right to terminate the funding support.

4. During the period of funding, the research results shall be marked with "this project is supported by State Key Laboratory of new ceramic and fine processing Tsinghua University (No. ×××)". And then jointly signed with the collaborators of The State Key Laboratory of new ceramics and fine processing.

5Use and management of the fund

1. 40% of the funding is for the use of instruments and equipment in the National Key Laboratory.This part is issued in the form of special laboratory test forms.

2. 60% of the funding is related to other expenses of the project, including material cost, test and test processing cost, travel expense, conference cost, paper publishing cost, etc.

3. The use of the funding will be managed by a specially-assigned person by the State Key Laboratory, implemented according to the project budget, and accounted for independently. In the process of project implementation, the expenditure invoice shall be signed by the project leader and the laboratory director, and shall be registered with the laboratory management personnel before accounting.

State Key Laboratory of new ceramics and fine processing

(Tsinghua University)

April 2020