The public platform for testing and preparation of the State Key Laboratory of new ceramics and fine processing was started in 1991 with the support of the key discipline development project loaned by the world bank. In recent years, with the continuous support of special funds for the construction of national key laboratory platform, the ability of material preparation, analysis and detection has been continuously improved. At present, it has ceramic sintering preparation platform, microstructure processing and characterization platform, microstructure analysis platform, electrical performance test platform, spectrum test platform, ceramic mechanics test platform, etc. According to the principle of "opening, flowing, uniting and competing" of the State Key Laboratory, the main instruments and equipment of the public platform are fully open to the domestic and abroad areas, providing a large number of open services for scientific research, teaching, analysis and testing. In addition to the world's top analytical instruments and new ceramic preparation equipment, the public platform has also developed a few unique and important instruments and equipment, some of which have filled the gaps between the domestic and worldwide research situation and played an important role in scientific research and open services.

Instrument platform and classification

1. Ceramic sintering preparation platform

lHigh temperature sintering laboratory: multifunctional high temperature sintering furnace (Japan), multifunctional high temperature sintering furnace (Germany FCT), discharge plasma vacuum sintering furnace (1995), plasma vacuum sintering furnace SPS (2017), high vacuum sintering furnace, oxygen hot pressing sintering furnace, hot isostatic pressing sintering furnace, flash firing / SPS multi field sintering furnace.

lCeramic machining room: diamond grinding wheel surface grinder, diamond saw blade cutting machine, precision carving machine, inner circle cutting machine, outer circle grinder, cold isostatic pressing machine.

2. Microstructure test platform

lElectron microscope laboratory: He ion microscope Orion, field emission scanning electron microscope Merlin, focused ion beam FIB-340, scanning probe microscope Cypher-ES, ion sputtering / carbon evaporation coating instrument, multi-functional argon ion etching / coating instrument, multi-functional ion thinning instrument, plasma cleaning instrument, ion sputtering coating instrument, cutting / grinding / throwing machine, digital optical microscope.

3. Physical performance test platform

lX-ray diffraction laboratory: X-ray diffractometer D8, X-ray diffractometer SHIMADZU, high temperature X-ray diffractometer SMARTLAB.

lElectromagnetic testing laboratory: vector network analyzer (2 sets), precision impedance analyzer series (2 sets), broadband dielectric impedance spectrometer concept-80, ferroelectric analyzer, dielectric spectrum temperature spectrum analysis system, multi sample temperature spectrum test system, microwave darkroom (including vector network analyzer and turntable), low temperature comprehensive physical property test system PPMS, S parameter network analyzer, piezoelectric material multi field test system, soft magnetic material B-H analyzer, high resistance electrical transport test system, precision device graphic analyzer, semiconductor characteristic analysis system, microwave darkroom (including vector network analyzer and turntable).

lSpectrum test laboratory: high resolution Raman spectrometer HR800, steady-state transient fluorescence spectrometer, terahertz time-domain spectrometer (transmission / ultra-low temperature), all fiber terahertz time-domain spectrometer (reflection / polarization), UV / visible / near-infrared spectrometer L950, Fourier transform infrared spectrometer IS50, optoelectronic spectrometer AC-2, RF glow discharge spectrometer GD-OES, ellipsometer.

lMechanical testing laboratory: high temperature mechanical testing machine (static), high temperature mechanical testing machine (dynamic), microhardness machine, Vickers hardness machine, cutting machine, polishing and grinding machine, inlay prototype, impact testing machine, three-dimensional scanning vibrometer, step meter.

lThermal property test laboratory: high temperature comprehensive thermal analysis TG-DTA, high temperature comprehensive thermal analysis TG-DSC, laser thermal conductivity instrument LFA467, high temperature thermal expansion instrument DIL, high temperature thermomechanical analyzer TMA, optical high temperature thermal analyzer.

lPowder performance characterization room: laser particle sizer, settling particle sizer, zeta potential analyzer (USA), zeta potential analyzer (UK), BET specific surface analyzer, true density meter, mercury porosimeter.

4. Micro-nano processing and device technology platform

lElectronic component technology room: ultra-thin tape casting, printing, laminating and other experimental machines.

lMicro and nano processing laboratory: mask-less lithography machine, magnetron sputtering instrument, scriber, bonding machine.