AC/DC Hall Effect Measurement System is Ready for Operation

The 8404 AC/DC Hall Effect Measurement System has been installed and ready for operation. Appointments are welcome.

Key specifications:

DC magnetic field: maximum magnetic field of 1.67 T at room temperature, maximum magnetic field of 0.88 T at variable temperature

AC magnetic field:maximum magnetic field of 1.18 T at room temperature, maximum magnetic field of 0.6 T at variable temperature

Resistance test range: 0.5 mΩ ~ 10 MΩ (for high temperature test, the maximum test resistance is 1 MΩ at 773K and 1 KΩ at 1273K)

Resistivity measurement range: 1 × 10-5 Ω·cm ~ 1 × 105 Ω·cm

Mobility test range: 1x10-3 ~ 1 × 106 cm²/Vs (AC magnetic field mode)

Carrier concentration test range: 8 × 102 ~ 8 × 1023 cm-3

Excitation current: ± 1 pA ~ ± 100 mA

Test voltage: 100 V

Low temperature range: 80K ~ 325K

High temperature range: RT ~ 1273K

Key features:

Use Van der pauw, Hall Bar 1221 and 1331 models to test resistance, resistivity, Hall coefficient, mobility, carrier concentration, etc. Gate measurements can be carried out at room temperature. Equipped with high and low temperature accessories.


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